Your Opportunity to Disrupt, Shake up, and Forever Change How Retail is Done.

VIBA stands for Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador. What it means for you is the chance to lead an unprecedented sales and service solution to market.

Our proprietary platform is the first and only to deliver personalized experiences to customers wherever, whenever, and however they choose to engage.

Check it out and see why retail will never be the same.

Now wins. Later loses. It's that simple.

VIBA is the only omnichannel solution able to instantly launch sales, service, and support experiences – 24/7/365 – through live video engagements and rich media content.

In-Store Processes

  • Assisted Selling
  • Activations / Plan Selection
  • Checkout
  • Welcome and Service Triage

Sales Support

  • Escalation and Issue Resolution
  • Training and Product Questions
  • In-Store Coaching

Lifecycle Interactions

  • Sales / Cross-Sell / Upsell
  • Post Sales Follow-up
  • Service and Support Triage
  • Satisfaction Surveys

Online Experiences

  • Assisted Selling
  • Product Demonstrations
  • "Live" Shopping Experiences

Three Ways VIBA Wows

VIBA engages customers in stores, online, at home, on their smartphones, tablets, and computers – whenever and however they want – it's a real omnichannel solution.

Valerie, Your Multilingual Virtual Assistant

Valerie is the digital twin of the best and brightest salespeople – answering questions, and sharing demos, videos, and other pertinent information. She can even text special offers, coupons, and additional actionable links directly to customers.

She’s always ready to provide customers with accurate answers in a fun and friendly manner, and she can escalate conversations to Live Agents whenever necessary.

Valerie uses the latest natural language processing and AI technology to adapt, learn and communicate at near-human levels.

For nearly 80% of customer engagements, virtual assistants, like Valerie, are more cost-effective than full-time staff or contractors – that’s an easy sell!
  • Costs 25-200% Less Than Staffing
  • 5-7 times faster than typing
  • Auditory and visual engagements are optimal for learning and retention
  • Never misses a day, available 24/7/365
  • Keeps getting smarter over time

Live Agent Video Chats

Our smart call routing, based on expertise, language, agent profile, and other key attributes, ensures customers always connect with the right agent.

When agents receive calls, they also get the context (e.g., retailer, store, product, and more) for more rapid call resolution. Agents can also share additional content (videos, images, and live streaming product demos) and capture call activity in customized forms.Since 75% of shoppers say they prefer human interactions, VIBA makes agents available from any location (stores, home, in-office, or mobile). Program VIBA to connect directly to live agents or start with Valerie, who can transfer to an agent as needed.
Live Agents video chats:
  • Reduce staffing requirements, ensure COVID compliance, and lower costs but still increase store coverage
  • Take orders, process transactions, and capture customer data (forms)
  • Leverage product expertise, language, and other skills across multiple locations
  • Route calls to the best available agent – anywhere


VIBA drives deeper engagements with livestreaming and recorded broadcasts – allowing retailers and brands to create a private video shopping network. This type of social commerce reduces sales friction through highly entertaining content that promotes limited-time offers, special guests, and compelling demos.

Use the VIBA Admin Portal to schedule broadcasts on endpoints (QR Code, Weblink, and Smart Sign) based on specific retailers, stores, and time of day.

Our marketing team can produce broadcasts and videos, or users can stream their own content using Sling Studio or other streaming apps.
  • Reduce sales friction with entertaining and educational content
  • The success of TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube highlights the importance of video experiences – retail is no different
  • Livestreaming delivers 10x greater conversion rates than generic e-commerce

Three Ways To Deploy

VIBA engages customers in stores, online, at home, on their smartphones, tablets, and computers – whenever and however they want – it's a real omnichannel solution.
QR Codes
Place them on product packaging, pricing placards, merchandising displays, print or digital ads – anywhere. Instantly, all the features and fun of VIBA are one scan away.
Online Engagements
Add VIBA video experiences to websites and social media channels to create a 24/7/365 virtual sales and support force. One-click and customers activate VIBA on their desktops, phones, and mobile devices. VIBA is always ready to provide a personalized experience – no matter when, where, or how customers want it.
Smart Signs
Stop customers in their tracks with a no-touch, no-waiting digital shopping experience. Available in over 120 configurations – 55” to 12” tabletop displays, Smart Signs activate as customers pass or by saying “Hey Valerie.”

Promote special offers – Launch new products – Increase impulse buys – Assisted sales for complex, high-value items.

Become a Referral Partner

You bring us leads and we close the deals. We bill and support the customer; you earn a nice one-time commission.
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Great Earning Potential
We offer a game-changing solution in VIBA and a variety of flexible commission structures - upfront and long-term – to help you make the most of it in whatever ways work best for you.
The Right Tools & Training
We’ll provide all the sales tools you need, including VIBA demos and other proprietary content, to make sure you are optimized to sell. We’ll also get you up to speed on the platform with in-depth and ongoing training.
Unmatched Retail Expertise
Everything we do at T-ROC is geared toward driving retail sales and revenue. You’ll have decades of experience and insights on your side, as well as an entrepreneurial drive to continually improve our technology and services. We will deliver for your clients right away and over the long term.

Ready to Shake Things Up?

VIBA is the new benchmark in customer engagement and the opportunity to bring your clients and their customers a sales, service and support solution beyond anything they’ve ever experienced before. VIBA is here. Are you ready to help shape the future of retail?